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I am a self taught artist with a passion for peach tea, late night snacks, and all things cats! I left the comfort of a full time job to pursue my creative passions such as sewing, painting, and ceramics. My art journey began back in the 4th grade, when I would constantly get in trouble for doodling in class. Since then, my curiosity in the artistic realm has continued to grow and evolve over time, where I am often experimenting with different mediums and techniques such as sketching, digital art, pottery, etc.


I like to draw inspiration from my personal experiences, and the natural world around me. Most of my inspiration is from nature, mainly because it is quiet and calm, but also chaotic in its world of vibrant colors, smells, and textures. My work brings me peace, comfort, happiness and an abundance of joy and my hope is that it will provide the same for you.



Everglow: a feeling of peace, bliss, happiness or love.

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